Reduce Usage Of Reduce

Updated May 26, 2024
Created June 6, 2020

When it comes to concatenating strings, the reduce method is a common choice. However, I recently came across a Twitter thread discussing an ESLint error that flagged up when using reduce in this way.

After considering the points made in the thread, I decided to refactor a piece of code that I had been using reduce for string concatenation. The refactored version is arguably more readable and understandable for others.

Here is an example of the original code:

const stringMessageFromObject = (object) => {
  const reducer = (acc, curr) => acc + `${curr}: ${object[curr]}\n`;
  return Object.keys(object).reduce(reducer, "");

And here is the refactored version:

const stringMessageFromObject = (object) =>
    .map((curr) => `${curr}: ${object[curr]}\n`)

By using map and join methods, we can achieve the same concatenation of strings in a more clear and concise way.